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Specializing in Network Design, Configuration, and Security solutions that meet the demanding needs of today's business.


Industry Certified

Net+ Certification Logo Our Network certified IT professionals maintain some of the industry's most accredited certifications. Along with these qualifications we boast years of experience that assure the professionalism needed to ensure expert installations and quality service.


Network Design and Support


Computer Technology can help your company develop and support its network infrastructure.

Whether you are a small business that needs a simple peer-to-peer network or a company that demands the service of a client-server network, Computer Technology has the experience and knowledge to meet your networking needs. We have seasoned staff members that will complete a site survey at your location and customize a network infrastructure that will meet your current and future needs. CTECH is a convenient means for network design and support because we have Network Rack, Server, Switchcontacts with some of the industry's top network equipment suppliers. In most applications, we can design, develop, and install your entire network solution leaving you without the burden of searching for individuals who only support one of many items. This concept enables our customers to spend their valuable time supporting their business needs. Upon completion, network nodes are inspected, tested and labeled with proper identification. The entire network infrastructure will be fully operational according to our clients specific needs. Once Network development is fully implemented, CTECH trains staff members upon request or we can improvise a maintenance plan to suite your needs. CTECH holds strong values in the quality of our networking installation and services. If your business is in need of network development, contact Computer Technology.


Server Services


Computer Technology offers server support and services.

Server If your company has a need for server support and services but does not retain the funds for a full-time Network Technician or Network Administrator, then let us solve your server needs. CTECH will order and configure a server to fulfill your business needs. Whether your business needs a low-budget server or an enterprise level server that consists of power supply and RAID redundancy, then consider seeking our expertise to help you decide. Our years of experience in server support enables us to confidently configure Microsoft Windows Server operating systems. We will configure Active Directory services to support your local security needs and protect your critical data. We can add a new server to your existing LAN, add a snap server to your existing network, configure a connection to a WAN, create a server Domain, configure a VPN, or customize your server in many other areas of specialty to meet our client needs. Our services focus around Microsoft server operating systems but we do offer basic server configuration in Linux environments.


Need to upgrade or redesign your server infrastructure?

Networking Racks Network RacksContact Computer Technology and let us improvise a plan to solve these needs. Whether you need a server solution that demands the security and scalability of a full server cabinet or a budget-minded small closet installation, we can provide the proper equipment and services for you. We offer a variety of rack mounted IT equipment that offers many solutions for your server infrastructure needs.


Corporate Level Server Backup Software.

CTECH realizes the importance of critical data backup and recovery. We focus on installing and configuring some of the industry's most prominent backup software such as Veritas Backup Exec. Once we have your server backup plan implemented, we will develop a maintenance plan to visit your site periodically or we will train one of your staff members to confidently care for your server's backup software. In most installations, we can install monitoring software allowing remote monitoring of backup progress from a specific workstation.


Computer Technology server services provides power Surge Protection and Battery Backup.

APC UPSDid you know that the simplest power surge can be the culprit of database corruptions and data loss? It is true. If an active connection to your server's database is sporadically interrupted, your database can become corrupted or lost. Also, power surges are accredited as being one of leading causes of infrastructure damage and destruction on an unprotected network. CTECH provides reliable surge suppressing and battery backup equipment such as an APC UPS. A quality smart UPS will help ensure your critical data and network devices remain secure during regular power surges or in the event of a total blackout. Protect your investment and keep downtime to a minimum. Contact Computer Technology for your surge suppression and battery backup needs.


Network Security


Computer Technology offers security support and services.

FireboxIt is evident that today's business relies more on Internet connection than ever before. Unfortunately, so do the malicious people who corrupt it. To intensify the problem, a large number of business connections utilize a high-speed broadband connection that remains dedicated. Without adequate protection, your company's vital and confidential data is vulnerable. Solution: The best method to avoiding hackers and malicious viruses is to never turn on your PC. Since this is obviously not an option, CTECH supports some of the industry's leading firewall hardware solutions and antivirus programs such as the WatchGuard firebox and Symantec Enterprise level antivirus protection. We have established a relationship with the industry's most accepted suppliers which enable us to consult with their support teams. Combining our knowledge and expertise, we are able to tune a firebox to serve your business' best interest and provide the highest levels of protection. CTECH can configure an upper level firebox to monitor Internet activity from a remote workstation...even away from your business premises. We offer onsite training on firewall software and configuration. We also offer maintenance plans to fit your security needs. Contact Computer Technology for your security needs.

Corporate and Enterprise level Anti-virus software.

In addition to firewall protection, CTECH services offers both single workstation and enterprise level antivirus installation, configuration and support. Enterprise level antivirus programs are designed to protect your entire network infrastructure. This level of protection is recommended when protecting a network server environment and ensures the integrity of your data. CTECH installs and configures antivirus protection on individual workstations or we can install an enterprise level program that enables monitoring and configuration from a remote location. We offer training or maintenance plans in these area as well.


Workstation Configuration


Need a new workstation, a workstation maintained or configured?

Computer Technology offers workstation sales and support in conjunction with some of the industry's leading manufacturers. We will custom build workstations at customers' request but Workstationprefer customizing Dell or equivalent name-brand workstations due their quality and reliability. We can network new or additional workstations at your site. We will properly configure your workstations' network protocols to communicate with both the server and internet connection. Due to the importance of software service packs, updates, and patches, we focus much of our services on dedicating maintenance services in these areas. Computer Technology performs workstation maintenance at client locations on individual basis or at regular intervals. Contact Computer Technology for your workstation needs.


Wireless Needs


Today's networks demand the convenience of portability.

Wireless Access PointsIt is becoming a common practice for CTECH services to fulfill our clients' wireless needs. In many instances, it is more convenient and cost effective to add a wireless addition to your network rather than running the cable media. Since many small businesses' medical and dental facilities are going the paperless path, wireless networking is being considered as an alternative. CTECH offers several solutions to your wireless needs ranging from a single access point to multiple access points that ensure signal strength throughout your facility. Once we develop our clients' wireless network, we configure encryption methods to discourage breaching form unwelcome visitors. Contact Computer Technology for your wireless needs.


Wired Networking Needs


Computer Technology provides services for secure, high-speed networking needs.

CAT6 Cable Whether you need a single cable run or a new facility completely wired, we can complete the job from start to finish. We will complete cable runs, properly terminate each end, and test the integrity of each run. Our knowledgeable staff understands the guidelines, precautions and issues that need special attention during cable runs. CTECH takes pride in our workmanship and strives not only to professionally install cable media, but to focus on the aesthetics during and after cable networking (see our work). As part of our quality service, we want to ensure that our clients receive the latest technology that the market offers. By doing so, your facility will haveSwitches the security that a wired network offers, the latest performance that is demanded by gigabit network infrastructure, and comfort knowing that your network media will not have to be replaced a couple years down the road. Our relationship with the top suppliers in the networking industry allows us to provide quality cable and equipment to furnish your high speed networking needs. Contact Computer Technology for your wired networking needs.


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